At Sidney Stringer Primary, we plan and deliver a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which reflects the needs and interests of our children; with the aim of preparing them for life in modern Britain.

Our creative curriculum is based around the Cornerstones Curriculum, a nationally recognised approach for delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children.

Children’s learning in different subjects is linked through a topic which will often last for 5-6 weeks. The topics enable staff to teach in a more creative and cross curricular way whilst retaining the integrity of a science lesson, history lesson etc. Each topic focuses on one or two subjects as the main drivers.

long term plan


English is based around the power of reading approach and is taught in units created around a key text, enabling the children to access quality literature across a range of different text types. The teaching sequences embed the teaching of phonics, grammar, punctuation and spelling into a rich reading curriculum. Through these lessons the children will have opportunities to develop their understanding of grammar and punctuation and learn to use them in context. Spelling is taught discretely following a whole school approach.


Phonics and Reading                                                                                                      

Every child deserves success right from the start. We know that the sooner children learn to read, the greater their success at school. We use a teaching programme called Read Write Inc. Phonics to teach our children to read and write. We make sure every child can read the last set of phonic stories before they progress.

Children in KS1 and Reception have a daily phonics lesson. During this time, we group children by their reading progress for one hour a day (20 to 45 minutes in Reception) and re-assess children every half-term so we can place them in the group where they’ll make the most progress. We provide extra daily one-to-one sessions for children who need a bit of a boost to keep up.

Reading List


Maths is taught daily in all classes. Pupils are taught to be mentally agile through daily mental number and calculations taught through a Big Maths approach. A fluent knowledge of times tables is expected by Year 4. 

Within maths skills lessons there is an emphasis on developing mathematical vocabulary, practical, hands on learning, independence and use of real life scenarios. We encourage all our children to be fluent and confident in maths and develop a solid understanding of mathematical concepts.

Learning Skills 

Our Learning Skills curriculum enriches the creative curriculum and is a researched-based approach designed for schools to ensure that every pupil develops the essential skills for learning and life. It intentionally and systematically develops pupils' personal learning and life skills alongside subject learning and thus also supports 'readiness' for the next stage in their education. These skills are fundamental to learning and performance in education, word and life. They are universal.

This element of the curriculum supports children in developing these key skills through a series of units which each last for half a term. The whole school focuses on the same unit at any one time and thus areas are revisited each year.

Learning skills covered are:

1. Learning Together (Co-operation)

2. It's up to me (Responsibility)

3. Becoming Better Learners (Determination)

4. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Care)

5. Think, think, think! (Achieve)

6. Speaking and Listening (Respect)

Each skill links to one of our school values which is focused on half termly.

PE and Music

Both PE and music are taught by specialist staff from Sidney Stringer Academy. In PE we use the ‘real PE’ curriculum. Real PE is a unique, child-centred approach that engages and challenges EVERY child. It focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning.


Science Principles